The Company

The team.

Easy Outdoor is part of a team of collaborators where joviality, creativity and a decisive proactivity prevail, under the leadership of a group of professionals, some with more than 30 years of experience in the OOH communication sector, that provide the Company a guaranteed top-level performance criteria with respect for the highest commercial ethics rules, compliance with the laws of the sector and an assumed social responsibility.

The commitment.

It is a fact that Advertising Companies, including those that fit in the OOH category, are responsible for the good image of thousands of Brands and Products and that any mistake, ambiguity or wrong behavior may be reflected in the image of the Advertiser.

Rule Compliance, good practices and assertive behavior is our commitment to make every investment on our Outdoor Advertising sector an excellent investment.

Why OOH?

Reliable studies prove that Outdoor Advertising achieves a very interesting level of effectiveness in a considerable number of circumstances, thus fully justifying any investments made in this sector.

It is historically the first form of advertising ever known by man… “The Importance of Outdoor as a means of Mass Communication and as Outdoor advertising Media”

As was announced in “Meios&Publicidade” in January 2017, “the Press has been the only sector to suffer a loss of investment in Portugal. The sector with the largest volume remains by far the Television sector, which reinforces its position from €5.1 billion recorded in 2015 to close to €6.1 billion in 2016. Outdoor Advertising sector, the fourth in terms of volume (331 million in 2015), Radio sector with 254 million (247.2 million in 2015) and Cinema with 28.8 million (27.3 million in 2015). In total, advertising investment in Portugal (at list prices) stood at 7,978 million euros, an increase of 15.8% when compared to 2015”.